1984 by George Orwell

          The book 1984 takes place in London, which has fallen into totalitarianism, in which the government attempts to control all aspects of one’s life, including one’s thoughts. The name of this dilapidated nation is Oceania, and plastered all over it are posters of Big Brother, their leader, who can see and hear every move you make and every breath you take. These cameras and microphones are monitored by the Thought Police, who sit and wait for any sign of rebellion, which will either be met with torture or public execution. The main character, Winston, is fighting to escape the hell he his living in, but he has nothing to compare his current life to, because all records from the past have been destroyed or altered. So, he engages in his first act of revolt by writing in a diary. Will he be caught or will he go on to fuel a greater rebellion?

Even though almost all of the past has been erased, Winston can remember bits and pieces of an old lullaby:

In an era seemingly engulfed in darkness, this nursery rhyme, about Catholic churches, provides a wonderful juxtaposition between good and evil.

"War is peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is strength."

     The almost alternate universe this book takes place in really draws the reader in. Additionally, the possibility of a society similar to that conjured up in 1984 existing in our world today keeps the reader intrigued throughout the entirety of the book. Even though in America we do not live under totalitarianism, many parallels can be draw to the invasive tendencies of our current government. This book serves as a cautionary tale to all; be wary of the outside forces trying to control your thoughts, feelings, and motives.

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