The Monk

Sara Straube and Devin Macedo

The Canterbury Tales:

Indirect Characterization

"The rule of Maurus or Saint Benedict, | By reason it was old and somewhat strict, | This said monk let such old things slowly pace | And followed new-world manners in their place."  (Lines 174-177)

He cared not for that text a clean-plucked hen  | Which holds that hunters are not holy men;  | Nor that a monk, when he is cloisterless, | Is like unto a fish that's waterless;  | That is to say, a monk out of his cloister. | But this same text he held not worth an oyster;" (Lines 178-183)

"I saw his sleeves were purfled at the hand  | With fur of grey, the finest in the land; | Also, to fasten hood beneath his chin, | He had of good wrought gold a curious pin:" (Lines 194-197)

Direct Characterization

"Therefore he was a rider day and night;  | Greyhounds he had, as swift as bird in flight. " (Lines 190-192)

"His head was bald and shone like any glass, | And smooth as one anointed was his face. | Fat was this lord, he stood in goodly case. "  (Lines 199-201)

"A manly man, to be an abbot able." (Line 168)


1.) Brave

2.) Unorthodox

3.) Opulent

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