My 7th Grade Year

Top 10 Events

By Grace Belden

1. Kenston Volleyball

This year, I played on the Kenston Volleyball team. We were undefeated and it was a lot of fun. We also were the CVC Champions! Our coach was Mrs. Kosinski. Volleyball is the only sport I play so I was very glad that I made the Kenston team. It was so cool playing volleyball on the Kenston team.

2. My Trip To Disney

During Halloween, my family and I went to Disney. We stayed at Old Key West. We went to all the parks. I went with my cousins too! On Halloween, we got to dress up and go to Magic Kingdom. My sister and me went on every ride. I also got to say hi to Mickey Mouse! My favorite rides were space mountain, splash mountain, the 7 dwarfs ride, and the avalanche ride. I also enjoyed just relaxing by the pool and swimming. I can't wait to go back!

3. Camp

Camp was one of the funniest things we did in 7th grade. We went for 5 days. The first day was really warm. We got settled in and then went to the volleyball net and played for a while. My favorite activities were arts and crafts, dancing, and the camo capture the flag game. During capture the flag, I found the flag and our team won. We also sung many camp songs. I like how we made tie dye tee shirts (even though mine didn't turn out very good). I also loved making the hobo pies because they were really good. Overall camp was one of the best experiences ever!

4. Blossom

I went to Blossom on Friday and Saturday. On Friday, I had lots of fun with my friends. The food was great, I had a funnel cake, a corn dog, and french fries. I loved all of the cool rides! I also went down to the falls. On Saturday, I went on more rides! I also ate lots of food there. I can't wait until next year so I can do it again!

5. Playing at AVC

This year, I played at AVC volleyball club again. I have played at AVC for 4 years! By far, this year has been most successful. I loved my team, and we won two tournaments. I play as the libero. For JO volleyball, you have to travel a lot so we stayed in many hotels. It was fun staying in hotels because you could swim. I'm so excited to play again next year.

6. Chinese Class

Chinese class was one of my favorite classes all year! It was a lot of fun and now I know a lot of Chinese. My Chinese teacher made the learning fun by playing games with the symbols. One of the hardest things about Chinese is the symbols, but Miss Cai is good at teaching them. My Chinese name is Huang Fu Ke Fan. I am so sad that Cai Lao Shi is leaving next year to go back to China!

7. Award Ceremony

For the awards ceremony I got the award of getting a 3.5-3.9 grade point average. It was really cool seeing everyone getting their awards. My parents were very happy and let me get Dairy Island after, so that was great.

8. Snowboarding for the first time

This year I went snowboarding for the first time at Boston Mills Brandywine. When I first got there, I thought it was going to be very easy and I would be good at it. When I first got on a hill, I could barely get up. I remember, when I was going down a hill, and felt so happy because I was going so fast and was doing really well. I was getting close to the bottom when I realized a big problem; I didn't know how to stop. I had to do something to stop so I tried to brake but ended up totally wiping out. I had a lot of fun but definitely need some practice.

Me trying to snowboard but being unsuccessful

9. Going to Splash Lagoon

I went to Splash Lagoon this year for my friend, Allie's birthday. I had a lot of fun going on all the water rides. My favorite part was probably going on all the tube slides. We also got to play games at the arcade. After, we slept over at her lake house and watched a scary movie. It was so much fun!

Us at Splash Lagoon

10. Being on Trial

I was on trial in English class for "looking ahead and telling who it was". The reason I lost the trial was because I wasn't there to point out all the lies that were being told about me. Like the one about me saying who it was, which was a lie. Not naming any names but one person claims I said who it was, which was not true. I watched the whole thing and was surprised by the verdict.

HELA Moments

1. My Favorite Project

My favorite project this year would be the face for Uglies. Uglies was a great book and the project was really fun! There was two sides to the face. Tally was on one side, and Shay was on the other. I think the reason that the project was so fun, is because we could be very creative with it. There weren't many guidelines so we could create anything you want on the face, relating to the novel. This project was definently one of my favorites.

2. Chuzzlewit

One day in class, Elisa got a note saying that she was the chosen one. Elisa had to meet with Chuzzlewit, and she told us we have to all meet him. When we saw Chuzzlewit, he said we had to save Mr. Kowalski because he was in danger. We had to go through many challenges. My favorite one was the one were we had to go through the box thingys. In the end, we completed Chuzzlewit's challenge and saved Mr. Kowalski.



Art was one of the funnest classes. We got to just listen to music, work on our projects, and learn how to draw new things. During art, we made two major projects, the mandala and room project. The projects were really fun, but also challenging. My teacher was Mrs. Seitz and she was very good at teaching new methods to make my drawings better. To do good in this class, make sure you finish all the projects and do all the homework. I can't wait for art next year!


Camp was the best part of the year! We had so much fun! We did many activities. One of the best parts of camp was the dance on Thursday. We had dance class before during the week, and we got to do all the dances we learned. It was so cool when everyone in the school started dancing to the thriller. Another great thing was seeing everybody get their awards! I really enjoyed camp and can't wait for DC next year.

A La Carte


Dances are one of the best times because you can just have fun with your friends. As a sixth grader, you mostly just goof around, but as a seventh grader, you actually dance with your friends. I can't wait for the dances in eight grade.

Who's Who Around Kenston

Social Studies Teachers: Mr. Barr & Dr. Bates

I had Mr. Barr. You always want to be on his good side. He is nice but always get your homework done!

Science Teachers: Mrs. Burton & Mr. Klim

I had Mrs. Burton. She is a really nice teacher and is a fun teacher too. She was one of my favorites.

Reading Teachers: Mr. Kowalski, Mrs. Krisfalucy, & Mrs. McHugh

I had Mr. Kowalski. You want to take every opportunity you get to revise and try your best in this class. This class is a lot of fun!

Math Teachers: Mr. Peterson, Mrs, Grumbos, & Mrs. Carimi

I had Mr. Peterson. You have homework basically everyday, so if you always do it, all those points add up and really have an effect on your grade.


If you do your best, you will become the best.

This is short but it gets the point across. If you put the effort in, you will become successful and become the best student you can be. This does not just go for school, it goes for everything in life. In the future, as your working at you job, if you work the best you can, you will become successful with your work. All you have to do is your best.


I'm so excited for summer! For summer, I plan on having fun, going outside a lot, and hanging out with my friends and family. Summer is a break from school and time to relax without the stress of homework or tests. I'm also excited for my family to go on vacations and see other family members in different states. I also am excited to be an eighth grader. Summer will be so much fun!

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It was so much fun when we held the trial against you. 😂 Also it looks like you had a great seventh grade year. Splash Lagoon sounds like so much fun.

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