Session 1!

In this session we learned about the body and the immune system. We also learned about diseases and how fast they can spread and take out a whole community in a short amount of time. We also played a game using red and yellow chips to see how fast a disease spreads.

Session 2

In session 2 we learned more about diseases and bacteria. Then continued playing the game we played in session one. We just started by having 15 people immune from the disease.

Session 3, 4 &5

In session 3, 4 &5 we studied bacteria samples on glass with the stethoscope. We studied them from the stethoscope and on the computer and we found different type of bacteria and saved those samples to our H drive's.

Sessions 6&7

In session 6&7 we studied types of diseases and found ways to cure them. We studied all different kinds of diseases anywhere from the common cold to life threatening diseases.

Jobs in the real world!

I think that a doctor would be a good fit for this session because doctors study the immune system and bacteria and diseases. Doctors know everything there is to know about the human body and how people can fight off diseases.