10 Sites That Might Be Helpful for Each Student Besides Facebook

Poor students! They get tired too often especially when it is time to pass exam in the end of the year. That is because they organize their time in the wrong way. They leave things to the last minute in place of doing it when it should be done. Luckily, there are various technologies which can make the process of studying a little easier. Internet together with your phone and computer can work miracles. We tried to collect the most useful sites for college students so as to help them survive during study.


If you have no tome to write an essay, you can charge the professionals with this task. All you need is to make an order at http://essaywriter.org/. Do not forget to mention all your requests such as topic, deadline, size etc.


Student loans are all accessible here online. With a database of more than a million scholarships, students will be well-provided with money, because they find the way to save money here.

Rate My Professors

Before you begin to attend classes, make sure that it is worth your attention. This site helps to find information about professors and their ability to lecture. Who has the better rating is definitely must be visited by you.

College Ruled

To be always aware of your schedule in college, this app will help you. It provides with the opportunity to create a to-do lists, talk to your mates and exchange necessary information such as homework and different assignments.


If you get financial problems, this site will help you to solve them. Here are internship opportunities and job offers which you can apply for. It consists of a huge base of leading companies who are looking for good employees.


It is a free budgeting app which will help you make better view of your financial situation. Mint teaches you how to mindful with your money and always spend the, properly.


Buying books in the beginning of the academic year is, obviously, the most expensive thing to do. You can avoid it using this cool site where you can buy used books from other students.

Study Hall

Lately, you were able to communicate with mates and share tasks here. But now it is a source of useful information about internships. Money will never be a problem for you with Hall.

Study Blue

Study Blue is the right place to visit for college students. You can create flashcards or takes note, get prepared for your exams with the help of this app. Take advantage of this site, ease your studying process.


This app will help you to concentrate on your homework or other tasks instead of surfing Internet or communicating with your friends in chats. This sing will block all bad programs which always distract you when you try to do extremely important things.