Stovall Technology Tibbits

  • Thank you Mr. Taylor for our new computers in the computer lab.
  • Be on the lookout for the Spring Bookfair.  Check your email for updates.
  • New student computers were ordered for the 16-17 school year.
  • Our time has come! Renovations are set to begin 1/24/17!

Congratulations to the following staff members that completed Level Up Level 1:

Ms. Cano                                       Ms. Caswell                                  Mr. Jaramillo

Mr. Moncada                                 Ms. Lambert                                  Ms. Siteman

Ms. Stutes                                     Ms. Crosby                                    Ms. LaFrance

Ms. Longoria                                Ms. Cooper

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Eat. Learn. Grow Professionally

Tuesdays and Thursdays I will be hosting Lunch & Learn in the teacher's lounge. I will cover a topic you feel you need growth in for 30 minutes.


Google Tips and Tricks

Close a tab by mistake? Press Ctrl-Shift-T (Cmd-Shift-T on a Mac) to reopen it. You can press it again and again to keep reopening old tabs in the order they were closed.

When you want to move or close multiple tabs at once, hold down the Shift key and click each of their titles at the top of the browser. Thus, they'll all be selected; you can then drag them out to a new window together, or close them all simultaneously by pressing Ctrl-W (Cmd-W on a Mac).

Type weather and you'll see the current conditions and a seven-day forecast; add the name of a town to get the weather report from a different location.  

Get a definition. If you want a definition without having to track down an online (or a physical) dictionary, just type "definition:word" to find the definition of the word in your results (i.e.: "definition: serendipity" will track down the definition of the word "serendipity").

Google Tutorials

Please sign up for a Classroom Technology Integration Lesson.  After signing up remember to send a copy of your lesson plans for the day to Ms. Cooper.

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