Peking duck

It is not only an old city with long history, absolutely every big city characters that you can find in staying. Although the traffic and pollution is so terrible, there are many things I like about Beijing, for example, food.

Beijing Duck is an world famous dish and you can go to Beijing Restaurant named Quan Jude or Bian Yifang to taste very authentic Beijing Duck.

After cooked in a very traditional way of bake, the golden yummy looked duck would be cut down with exactly 108 meat pieces, and then use a particular made pancake, add on cucumber slices, scallion, and the most important, sweat sauce made of fermented flour, wrap it all up like a gift envelope, then just start to have a first bite…

Actually it has more rules on how to cook it or to taste, but it is very complicated procedures, but you will definitely find out when you eat.

Above first is a map from Beijing Quan Jude, the very first location of their Peking duck restaurant,which is very close to Tian Anmen, the central of the city.

Second is "Peking duck from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia"

Last one is a soundtrack named "one night in beijing" everybody knows this song in China