Dependable leaders are always on time, never make excuses, and stay on the job until it's done, regardless of obstacles. They often make personal sacrifices. During decision making, they state their ideas clearly and tactfully if they disagree with others above them. But once a decision is made, they put their disagreement aside and work to complete whatever assignment they receive.

A guidance counselor is a perfect example of a dependable leader. They are dependable because they are always there for you to talk to, to ask for advice and to make sure you're making the right decisions and that you are safe while doing them.

This extract from the movie The Blind Side represents the trait of a dependable leader because in the video Leigh Anne is teaching Micheal a lesson about dependability. She teaches him to imagine that his team is his family and that he protects them. With this skill, the team can now depend on Micheal to protect them. And protection is just another case of how one can be dependable.

The song, Lean On Me is a musical example of the trait dependable. This is because it is describing that if someone is in need of help they could lean on someone else to help them out. Leaning on someone is another way of saying you are depending on someone.

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