EDUC 250

10 Things I learned on Pearltrees

1. A small amount of stress will improve learning and enhance your memory, but being under a large amount of stress will reduce your ability to learn.

2. The best environment to learn in is one that is calm with a bit of variety.

3. When students are interested about a topic of study, they are more likely to sustain the interest in the project over the long haul.

4. When schools participated in social and emotional learning programs pro-social behavior increased, anti-social behavior decreases, and test scores went up by 11 percent.

5. Cognitive control is the capacity for keeping your attention where you want it to be.

6. IQ does not always dictate which students will perform best; self-awareness, self-management, empathy, teamwork, and more likely to identify the best workers.

7. That if you write down your concerns and worries it frees up the working memory and can relieve anxiety.

8. A good way to create stability and safety in the classroom is to physically post a compliment or affirmation each day.

9. Having the students work together to design a classroom theme, flag, song, flower or animal totem is a good way to establish a classroom identity.

10. Standardized tests and structured classrooms builds a students stress levels.

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