Mayan Civilization

Who are the Maya?

The maya are an ancient meso american civilization which flourished around 900-300 A.D. The mayans were known to be farmers in the jungles of Central America, they were one of the most sophisticated civilizations of all America

The people in Mayan culture

The people of mayan civilization were usually peasant farmers ruled by a person of higher authority supposedly a descendant of a god. The mayans were a polytheistic culture, they believed in more than one god. The men in this civilization were hunters and builders, the women took care of the young and their home. The first of the mayans appeared in 1800 B.C. However it is when they started building stone cities that they started to flourish.


The mayan civilization was located in southern Mexico on the Yucat√°n Peninsula, Guatemala, Belize, and parts of Honduras and El Salvador. This region of Central America is known for its rain forests and jungles, this is why the Mayans were known as the Jungle People. The mayan civilization was divided into city-states each with a somewhat different culture in each and every single one. The most impressive Mayan establishment was in Tikal which is known as Guatemala today.  


Who doesn't like chocolate? Well cacao beans were an essential part in the Mayans diet. These beans are cultivated in Central America along with corn, beans, and squash. The mayans were the first to make chocolate dishes such as mole, and hot chocolate. Other

Tools and Weapons

The Mayans weren't very advanced in technology but that doesn't mean they don't have brains. The mayans created one of the most accurate calendar's in history. The mayans tracked history using hieroglyphics kinda like the Egyptians. Their tools were made of stone, wood, shells, and bones


The mayans were great architects. They built some of the most impressive temples and pyramids in the world using stone and adobe. A city was usually built around a pyramid or temple, they would go to the temple to worship their gods. The ruler of the Mayan city-state lived in the pyramid or temple. The rest of the people lived in huts made of adobe and thatch.

Rise and Fall of the Maya

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