PT XL Axiata Tbk Interlace Cooperation with Jongla - Maybe it's a lot of people who know the whereabouts of one of the mobile application called Jongla Instant Messenger (IM) is. More recently, PT XL Axiata Tbk cooperates with Jongla to provide convenience to the people of Indonesia to enjoy the ease of digital content transactions in the application. Senior GM XL Digital Entertainment, Revie Sylviana in a press release received by Antara in London, Thursday , said the partnership with the seriousness XL Jongla an answer the needs of the people of Indonesia with internet connectivity through instant messaging service (instant messaging) that is easy and convenient to use.

"The public can transact in Jongla applications using pulse XL and ease the user to access the application Jongla to enable data packets Jongla where customers can enjoy free access to 50MB per day of it, "he said, as quoted by Antara (7.11). Jongla IM is an instant messaging application that intelligent service that allows users to connect with people who they wanted whenever and from wherever they are. With instant messaging and file sharing media, Jongla offers an additional layer of personalization, social features and the ability to share the sticker action and speak out. "This is what distinguishes Jongla with other instant messaging services," he said. In addition, an interesting features rich Jongla so as a service to be held for young people around the world. Revie Sylviana added, Jongla known as a reliable messaging service and fast which allows users to keep in touch with the people they care about.

"We were impressed by the scope of the cross-platform Jongla, attractive design, different features with other instant messaging services and user experience teroptimilisasi, instant messaging services Jongla create a truly unique," he said again. So XL and Jongla, a couple who perfect and expected future cooperation will develop. Meanwhile, Chief Executive Officer Jongla, Riku Salminen said cooperation that was a big step for the company to enter the Indonesian market, the country's internet users is growing rapidly in Southeast Asia.

The strategic partnership XL will accelerate and enlarge the process and offers an opportunity for the Indonesian people to take advantage of Jongla, instant messaging service is not paid, he said. The data and messages go hand in hand, so this partnership to be complete and perfect, he said again. Riku added side missions is to offer a service that is fast, fun and free to more people around the world and cross-platform services and Jongla best technology will help drive it. "We are also optimistic about the unique features and platforms Jongla able to attract people of Indonesia and became one of the 3 chat application that is most commonly used in Indonesia in late 2015, "he said.

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