The Pigman
Author: Paul Zindel
By: Elise Turner

How Does Norton Feel?

Lets Find Out

Paul Zindel

Paul Zindel was born May 16 1936 in Tottenville, New York. During Zindel's youth he went through hardships and tough love. There are people, he said, that entered his life and caused him to feel the things he loathed for love,trust,and companionship. Later in Zindel's life he became an American Playwright, young adult novelist, and educator. Many of Zindel's books are related to his childhood like one of his most famous books "The Pigman." He later died of cancer March 27 2003.




John(main character):He is very arrogant, supposedly handsome and a prankster. He also acts before he thinks which causes conflict between the main characters. He hangs with the popular crowd and has lots of friends. He also smokes and drinks a lot.

Mrs. Conlan: A clean freak.

Bore: An abusive husband to his wife and is nonchalant about his youngest son John; and his actions.

Lorraine(main character):She is shy and has a fragile self confidence. She is quick to judge and is always trying to be considerate of her actions "acting like a regular teenager" She is also treated like an outsider at her school (No one really notices her.)

Ms.Jensen: She is a man hater and does not like them one bit.  

Mr. Pignati(main character): A cheerful old timer. He is like a kid trapped in an old man's body. He has a beer belly and is always smiling and emitting off a good vibe. He became a loner after losing his wife.

Norton(antagonist): Hi my name is Norton Kelley I am described as rowdy, cruel, and a mean person, "I think they are just jealous of how cool I am." I have been given this stupid nickname "marshmallow kid" just because one day I didn't feel like buying a bag of marshmallows "stupid right." You might see rude comments every once in awhile since i'm supposed to be mean.


Staten Island, New York and they also journeyed through Manhattan with Mr.Pignati.


The story is narrated, in alternating chapters, by two high-school sophomores, Lorraine Jenson and John Conlan, who have become friends because of their shared absurd sense of humor and boredom with school. With their loser friends, Dennis, "and their cool friend Norton," they prank-call Mr. Pignati and end up going to his house pretending to collecting money for the "L. and J. Fund." Mr. Pignati is very welcoming and from then on they become best friends. Along the way they encounter bumps in their friendship to test there loyalty to their dear friend Mr. Pignati.



Mr. Pignati's pig collection: described his happy relationship with the now deceased love of his life Conchetta. " I feel really bad about those pig's" "Sike"

Bobo(baboon): Mr. Pignati's source of happiness, "This is sad and I really didn't mean to hurt the poor old guy, I was just mad at John I hate feeling left out."

"See I have feelings, just don't know how to express them yet"


When Lorraine tells her dream to John about something leading her into the pig room, that foreshadows the incident with Norton.

"See even people who don't know me trying to make me sound like a bad guy."

The prologue in the beginning prepares us for something tragic to happen.

When John describes the different people's problems who are coming to the party, it foreshadows that the party is going to spiral out of control.


Text to Self: on Wednesday at the Spelling Bee when I spelled the word cummerbund wrong I had realized my mistake once I spelled the word I felt so frustrated and sad I just wanted to sulk and hide. It was the same feelings John and Lorraine were feeling frustrated and sad that let the party get out of hand and their best friend the Mr. Pignati was there just in time to see his house ruined.

Text to Text: In one of my favorite books when I was was younger Percy Jackson series in the mark of Athena when Leo saw his automaton dragon all ruined he was destroyed he couldn't bare it and he felt it was all his fault. Like when John and Lorraine look back at what they had done Mr. Pignati's house in ruins they had betrayed him their friend now they have only each other.

Text to World:Everyone has a time in their life when they do stuff they regret and want to go back in time to change it.


“There was no one else to blame anymore. No Bores or Old Ladies or Nortons, or Assassins waiting at the bridge. And there was no place to hide-no place across any river for a boatman to take us.
Our life would be what we made of it-nothing more, nothing less.
They build their own cages, we could almost hear the Pigman whisper, as he took his children with him.”

Paul Zindel, The Pigman

"The way her old lady talks you'd think Lorraine needed internal plastic surgery and seventeen body braces, but if you ask me, all she needs is a little confidence."

  -Paul Zindel

Baboons through John's eye's: "And maybe Lorraine and I were only a different kind of baboon in a way. Maybe we were all baboons for that matter—big blabbing baboons—smiling away and not really caring what was going on as long as there were enough peanuts bouncing around to think about— […] baffled baboons concentrating on all the wrong things.

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3 years ago

I think he really didnt care that he broke the pigs

3 years ago

I think he still didn't care, just because he's supposed to be tough. I think in the inside it really bothered him because he hurt someone he didn't know.

3 years ago

Norton probably didn't care because he got what he wanted.

3 years ago

I think he felt guilty and lonely becuase no one was really friends with him.

3 years ago

HE did not have a feeling in the world

3 years ago

I think that Norton feels foolish because he got SOCKED!!! by john wich was hilarious but he feels like a bad boy and all tough because he broke the pigs ang got away with it 😒 # boaring

3 years ago

I think that Norton just went about his life and was like I have no problems. He probably felt a little bad.

3 years ago

He probably didnt even care because he was just expressing his anger but he shouldent have done to that to break the pigs.

3 years ago

I think he really didn't care because he probably just wanted to get people to stop calling him marshmallow kid

3 years ago

I don't think he felt bad I think he was just getting his anger out at John