The Home Automation System

It's the house of tomorrow.

Home Automation Systems, or Smart Houses, are the next big thing in the industrial business. It takes care of all your needs and won't hesitate to carry out the order.

There are many different kinds of Smart Houses and all of them vary in size and cost. They can start from $5,000 to $15,000 depending on what state your in and how advanced the system is. But something that will always be the same is that these systems will help mankind in the long run. The average Smart House can control many things such as lighting, air conditioning, and other electrical devices. But state of the art technology has allowed us to wire this system into many other things so that we can live an easier life. Examples of this would be security, phone systems, and even irrigation.

Although this new technology is life changing, it could impact someone's life in a bad way too. If the whole world were to buy this product, who's to say it couldn't AWAL? Who's to say it wouldn't get us fat or overweight? Who's to say it couldn't turn us into a 1980's gamer geek that stays in his mom's basement and eats nachos for the rest of his life? While this is a possibility, due to the fact that way too many people eat McDonald's, it is very low and has little chance of coming true.

After identifying the pros and cons for this piece of new technology, you're probably wondering what it'll be like in the future. And if you're not, pay attention buddy because we're only halfway through. The future Smart House will probably be twice as better and twice as simple. It'll probably be able to suit all of your needs. It could possibly lead to being a voice-controlled self-automated Siri. But that depends on whether Apple takes over the world or not. There are many examples of Smart Houses that we may not of even known of. Some of them are listed below.

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