Characteristics of Free Enterprise

1. Economic Freedom

Thanks to Economic Freedom, we can follow our passions and get a job we want by having many choices.

2. Voluntary Exchange

Voluntary Exchange allows buyers to buy what they want because they think they're making a good deal.  Obviously the seller likes exchanges too because they make loads of cash...most of the time.

3. Private Property

Owning Private Property allows people to do what they want with their land.

4. Profit Motive

People are motivated to keep their homes/ other material items nice in case someday they want to sell it and make a profit.

5. Competition

Competition pushes businesses/ entrepreneurs to compete against each other to attract consumers.

Entrepreneur Video :)

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3 years ago

Great tackk! I really enjoyed when you said the seller makes loads of money, that made me happy! The video helped me understand entrepreneurship so that was a good pick! I thought you could have explained private property better though. Great job Emily!

3 years ago

My phone wouldn't load your video but I'm sure it was amazing. Your descriptions were clear and concise and are sure to help anyone understand free enterprise. Wonderful.