Peter Maatouk Is Well Known For Providing The Best Online Divorce Services

Peter Maatouk is a highly qualified, experienced, and knowledgeable solicitor and barrister in Sydney. As a successful solicitor, he has handled many law disputes, including divorce, property dispute & settlement, and children & custody matters. For the convenience of people, he has built a website, where he offers online divorce services at a flat rate. Individuals have to fill an online application that has 5 pages and they are charged $800. The fee is payable after the submission of the application and includes 1 attempted service fee only.

Peter Maatouk and his team of professionals are always ready to help their clients with their divorce related queries. He tells that there are a few documents which people have to provide to them when their application are finalized by his professionals. Prior to sending these documents to Peter Maatouk, they have to be attested by a Justice of the Peace. The clients are not charged any disbursements, or extras, and all the terms and conditions of the service are clearly informed to them, so that they can make an estimate about how much they will have to pay. Peter charges $50 extra, if any of his clients want his solicitors to appear for the divorce hearing on behalf of them.

After receiving the online divorce application, fee, and essential documents, Peter Maatouk and his team

  • Prepares a draft divorce application
  • Advances a copy back to their clientele for their approval, and if approved, execution
  • Files the application once clients have returned it to them with all important requirements precisely fulfilled
  • Serves a sealed copy of the application for spouse once it has been sent back from the court
  • Files an affidavit of service with the court on behalf of their clients certifying the above
  • Advises their applicants, as to the proposed hearing date of their application and provides them with sealed copies of relevant and essential papers.

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