Reasons to Have an Office Rent in Mumbai

Many people think Mumbai is a small city, but in fact, Mumbai is one of the world famous port city. As a commercial developed city, in recent years, more and more businessmen want to establish their own business in this city. Especially, enterprises who have little capital will choose to have an office rent in Mumbai to maintain the basic needs of the business. Nonetheless,, why these businessmen will choose the Mumbai as a base-development, especially rent an office? If you want to know more about that, here are some reasons as below.

Mumbai is located in the state of Maharashtra which is at the west coast of Angelo island and faces the Arabian sea. It is second only to the industrial and commercial city of Calcutta and the cotton textile center, spindles and loom were accounted for about 1/3 of the whole country as well as the wool, leather, chemical industry, pharmacy, machinery, food, movies and other industries.Petroleum chemical, fertilizer and nuclear power generation is also developing rapidly. The offshore exploitation of continental oil field, oil refining industry has developed rapidly. Mumbai is India's commercial and entertainment capital, have important financial institutions, such as the reserve bank of India (RBI), the Bombay stock exchange (BSE), India's national stock exchange (NSE) and the headquarters of many Indian companies.

The Entertainment Industry
Mumbai's film is extremely rich, most studios are located here, so it is called as "India's Broadway". The most important TV in India and satellite networks, and the main press will be based in Mumbai.

There has been the municipal schools and private schools (run by trusts or private, usually also accept government funding) in Mumbai. Many residents choose to send their
children to private schools because they use English as the medium of education and the high quality teachers.

No matter the economy, the entertainment industry or the education. Mumbai can provide different kind of business development opportunities for entrepreneurs. If you think you haven't enough fund to purchase an office space to run your business, have an office rent in Mumbai is OK! Mumbai will also offer various types of office for rent.