Snot, Grendel's fourth cousin, is a terrifying monster who comes out of hiding for a few weeks whenever the seasons change. His disgusting yellowish green color and slimy skin are where he gets his name. He slips and slides around, unseen by most. His main target is young children because of their weak immune systems. By attacking at night, he leaves his dangerous germs in the air around them, causing them to get sick as well as spread it to others.

Snot only comes out when the seasons change, which makes him even more feared. Everyone knows who he is and that he will attack, but they can never predict when he will attack which makes him that much more terrifying. When everyone's bodies are adjusting to the change in temperature and atmosphere and are at their weakest, Snot sneaks up and attacks them.

Snot had been causing issues since the beginning of time, attacking immune systems for centuries and sickening people everywhere. His offspring has mutated themselves into other disease monsters, attacking people and leaving more devastating damage to their immune systems and bodies. He has been around for ages and will be around for much longer because of his strength and stealth. No matter what kind of medicine or protection is used, Snot can never truly be stopped.

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