Stay strong

Tolerance unit final project by Giselle

if you were a Jew would you give up and let the nazis win? Gerda Weismann Klein was one of the Jews that survived the Holocaust nazis tried to change non-Jews opinion about Jews,but Jews still survived all the mistreat of the nazis."are we human still-or again? They have tried to drag us to the lowest level of existence,demand us,treat us worse then animals. Yet something has remained alive in us,for it stirs anews"-Gerda Weissman. Don't ever give up,stay strong keep your head up,show then how strong you are.

To begin with,Madame Harkness' grandmother was one of the heroes of the Jews,she hid them,fed them,and helped them escape. Madame Harkness' grandmother was a beautiful person.she helped Jews hide,and took them to the safe zone in France. Also,fed them,she would give up her safety and life to help the Jews. Madame Harkness' grandmother was a hero to all the 300 Jews she saved,there should be more people like her in this world. Who gave hope to the people that needed help.she helped the Jews have hope to live,and would make them stronger. Madame Harkness' grandmother is an example of a great,caring person. She saved 300 Jews, not only her grandmother helped,It was also Madame Harkeness' mother and uncle

further more, the book "terrible things." By Eve Bunting is showing how people/animals were scared to stand up for the people being taken away. Little Rabbit would always wonder why they (the terrible things) would take the other animals away . Then the rabbits were being taken away. "Help!" They screamed "somebody help!" But there was no one left to help(pg.24)" It was like the Jews asking for help but no one helped. They would just hide or watch them being taken away, they would stay strong,some Jews made it but other didn't

Not to mention, the. Book "terrible things" by Livia Bitton-Jackson is a strong of a girl,elli,her mother , and her brother Bubi survived the Holocaust, it was 1951 when they moved to New York for a better life but it still was difficult to live. Elli told us how she had to stay her strongest in thought, even though she was skinny,weak and worked every day until she had the chance to leave with her family. They left with no passport, or important information . Elli and her family were sick,skinny,weak but they didn't give up they stayed strong,they had hope that they would get out of the horrible place, Auschwitz,and they got out. They didn't give up. They never lost hope. They all had a new life.

Nazis tried to change non-Jews opinions about Jews, they still survived all of what the Nazis did to the Jews. Don't ever give up, stay strong from bullies that bully you, but they smile and keep going in life. If people are rude to you, ignore it, show them how cool you are, and how good of a friend you are. Just remember no one's perfect.

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