How American society as been represented in the documentary

Response to supersize me

The movie "supersize me" purveyed a message about the people of the United States of America, informing us about their intelligence, their physical health and their litigious based society. The film "supersize me" was about a man named Morgan Spurlock who went on 30 day diet where all his food had to be made from McDonalds, he gave us a close look and insight on what happens in an everyday American’s life and the consequences of what they do from constantly eating McDonalds and lack of exercise. We watched as it effected almost every dimension of health as it was making him ill, causing depression, mood swings, less sex drive, fat gain, muscle loss etc. We also got an insight on the schools of America and the education children are receiving about fast food and nutritional value, most schools eat processed, junk food and their knowledge on nutrition was lacking as was their sports programs as one school only had one sports lesson per week for only 30 minutes. We witnessed as an over the average healthy person went unhealthy and possibly to a life threatening state if he had continued the diet.

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