Dear Mother,

I'm currently living in a camp in Virginia with father. Father lives with the other colonels, and I live in a clearing with tons of other privates and we each share our tents. Every morning we are given our food and we have to go to drill. We do drill all day from sunup to sundown except for a few periods in between where we are given many chores to keep us occupied. I have to polish shoes, clean tents and do all the dirty work. One morning I left camp to take a walk and when I came back I was forced to where the barrel shirt and waddle around all day. It was really humiliating and it was hard to do drill and all my other chores. Life at camp is not fun at all and I can't wait to come home.


Nicholas Edels

Photo Prompt

This is the dense forest that I live in with the rest of my fellow camp mates.