6th Grade Science Topics

By: Courtney Parks

Hi, this is a website about topics the 6th graders at Moore Elem School in science!

We will cover everything from The Solar System to The Kingdoms and Domains!

The first thing we learned about was organisms and environment. In this large topic we studied Autotrophs vs. Heterotrophs, Food Chains and Food Webs, and Producers, Consumers, and Decomposers.

       We learned that producers are organisms that use energy from the sun to make there own food, consumers are organisms that eat other organisms, and decomposers are organisms that get there energy by breaking down nugients in dead animals.

     We learned that autotrophs are basically producers. They make their own food though the sugar in the body. Autotrophs use the food they make as an energy source to carry out their life functions. We also learned that heterotrophs can't make their own food. Heterotrophs eat either autotrophs or heterotrophs.

     Food chains and food webs help show us the flow of of energy in an ecosystem. Like what helps what grow and what gives what energy. It also shows what certain organisms eat.