Hiroo Onoda

A Japanese war soldier


Steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.

Hiroo Onoda

Hiroo was a Japanese soldier who was sent out to do guerilla warfare during WWII.

Biggest Accomplishment

Not dying during the while 30 years in the jungle surviving with 4 other men and by himself

When he was born and when he died

Hiroo was born on Mar. 19, 1992. He died Jan. 16,2014

Why I thought he persevered

In 1944, Hiroo and 3 other men were sent form Japan to the Philippines,. They were told that from one of the majors from Japan that whatever happens they would come back for them. The kind of fighting was guerilla warfare. Guerilla warfare is basically a small group of soldiers who use tactics like ambushing, etc, against a bigger army force. His group had carried out guerilla warfare and had killed quite a few citizens by accident. They also had many shootouts with the police and search parties. In 1945, they had recieved leaflets that said the war was over. They had received multiple leaflets from Japanese soldiers telling them to surrender and that the war was over. The group all agreed that the leaflets were not genuine. After 28 years, 1 of the members had left, and 2 had been shot and killed. Hiroo was now alone. Hiroo was found by a man by the name of Suzuki. Suzuki told Hiroo that the war was over and told him to surrender. The Japanese major that had told him whatever happened, he would come back finally came after Suzuki found Hiroo and Hiroo surrendered and left the Philippine island in Mar. 9 1974. I think Hiroo was a good example of perseverence because for 30 years he had eaten coconuts and bananas and hid in the jungles and mountains. For 2 of those years he was by himself. He had also had to cope with the 2 deaths of his soldiers while surviving,    

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