inventions of the industrial revolution

R. Burdo

The Telephone-1875

Alexander Graham Bell

The telephone was significant in this time era because at the time there was not many ways of communicating quickly.  The telephones main purpose was to communicate to long distances to the same machine.  Its significance was used by many in the era and was important because now everything could be communicated quicker, therefore making communication a lot easier which also contributed to jobs and other daily life styles were changed by this invention.

The first gas engine

Nicolaus Otto

The significance of the gas engine is how it ran on gas fuel.  It was and internal combustion engine that allowed vehicles to move and be mobile.  This was significant because now transportation was effected and now people could be transported fast and efficiently making the daily lives of citizens easier when it came to transportation. Once again this was a big bonus for jobs that needed products transported.

Automatic Lubricator

Elijah McCoy

This invention was a controller on timer.  Many functions for it could be a pump or reservoir which delivers a controlled amount of lubricant such as grease or oil to different sections of a machine therefor making the machine be able to operate efficiently.  This was significant because now machines could work faster with less man power doing the job. This saved time and money for industries with lots of machine work.

The automatic dishwasher

Josephine Cochrane

The significance of the dishwasher was it enabled people to clean dirty dishes faster.  This was a unique style because everyone was use to handwashing dishes and this was an opportunity to change it up by inventing a machine that would distribute the water to the dishes washing them for you.  This was significant because it was easier for people to clean dishes but now without the stress or slight labor.  To this day we still use this unique invention.


Christopher Sholes

The typewriter influenced society greatly during this era because it gave the everyday people the ability to create words without a writing utencil. This made the words easier to read but more importantly, it made writing faster because you could now just press a button for a letter.  The typewriters significance was the way it would type words in a way so everyone could understand in a faster way making whatever was being typed, portrayed more proffesionally. Letters, documents and any form of paperwork could now be done through this invention.

first handheld camera

George Eastman

The handheld camera was one of the biggest inventions of its time.  People loved it because now it was portable and would fit right in your hand.  People were drawn to this because now you could take a picture anywere on the go making it significant for its mobility and efficiency.  To this day most people still use this invention making it popular for the way it could take the picture on the go and was small.

First automobile

Karl Benz

The significance of the automobile was it allowed people to get from one place to another quicker.  When the gas engine was invented, the invention needed something to be put to use on and the automobile was the perfect fit. Combining the two allowed greater amounts of people using them and also transportation was better than ever.  Now citizens daily lives were easier because of the new transportation method.

The cash register

James Ritty

The first cash register was a big bonus to the buisnesses that had to deal with money on the spot such as shops and places were you pay up front.  This way now people who are being paid can now organize there money better and can exchange money quicker.  The significance was that it aloud the owner of money to do business with a customer a lot faster to exchange and take in profit.

The escalator

Jesse W. Reno

The escalator was significant because it would allow people to be transported to a second floor without using the stairs.  People really admired this because stairs would no longer need use in public facilities because the escalator allowed the same function as the stairs without tiring people out. Now you are able to be lifted to the second floor.

Traffic light

J.P. Knight

The invention of the traffic light was significant because it allowed traffic to be directed in a more orderly fassion.  This was very important because now it allowed a safe environment for both people walking and vehicles passing through.  Less accidents would occur and people were at lower risk for being hurt by a moving vehicle.  This safe invention is still used in our society today.

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