Sigmund Freud

Sigmund Freud was a major part of the psychoanalytic school of thought. He lived during the Victorian Era and specialized in neurology. The Victorian Era was high on morals and modesty. Freud believed that dreams had hidden meanings and relied heavily on symbolism. He thought everything was centered around sex and aggression. His theories helped build our views on childhood, personality, dreams, and sexuality. Freud's work fueled a legacy of both support and opposition.

Freud was important to psychology because his studies helped us to understand our dreams and why certain dreams might occur. His theories taught us that there are some major differences between a child's and an adult's mind. I think the time period greatly influenced Sigmund Freud. During the Victorian Era, there wasn't much that was known about the mental processes of the brain and behaviors. I think that curiosity play a huge part in the development of the psychoanalytic school of thought because they didn't know a lot during that time period and they wanted to learn more about the unknown.

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