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"Aye Lennie, yah tired?" "Yeah I'm tired, I wanna nap George." " Well go'on in the bunkhouse and wash yourself up and take a nap, I'm gonna finish up on this barely, ill catch yah later!, " George waves off Lennie. After finishing bucking barely and washing up Lennie decides to take a nap. when Lennie is sleep in the bunkhouse he is awaken by a sound, that he thought to be George. "George dat you?" Lennie curiously looks up. Slowly a vision appears, it's the ghost of Aunt Clara; she has a gift for him. " Lennie?, " the ghost of Aunt Clara says, "I've come to warn you." " whatdis it Aunt Clara?" "Curly's gonna pick scraps with you. you better shove off before he do. But if he does before you clear out, I gotta box of mice for yah; find some poop and set it off on'em!" Apprehensive, Lennie jumps up because he's startled by the ghost of Aunt Clara. " But Aunt Clara, your dead , Aint yah?" " YOU LISTEN TO ME BOY!!," falling against the square table, littered with playing cards; Lennie says, " Al'ride Aunt Clara." Mollified he takes the  box of mice and sits it by the solid door with the wooden latch on it. The ghost of Aunt Clara drifts off into the air and Lennie falls back into the bed ;  remembering what Aunt Clara said.

It's ten'oclk a.m. by the time George comes back from bucking barley."Leeeeenieee," tapping him on his shoulder, trying to wake him up. Confused Lennie rolls over with a twisted expression on his face and says, "Aunt Clara?" " Aunt Clara" George repeats. "Aunt Clara dead!" " You musta been dreaming boy." George laughs at Lennie. Lennie looks over at the door and saw the box, he knew it wasn't a dream ; Aunt Clara really came to him, and he knew just what to do. Lennie thought about telling George, but he also knew that George wouldn't believe that Aunt Clara's ghost came to visit him. Instead he deci

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