Come to Canada!

Canada's Citizens

Canadians like a lot of the same stuff Americans do. There are many different people because Canada has adopted an official multiculturalism-an acceptance of many cultures instead of just one.

Canada's Immigrants

Immigrants are people who come to another country to live. Vancouver, British Columbia, is called Canada's "Gateway to the Pacific." As Canada's largest port, it trades heavily with Asian Countries. A lot of refugees come as well because of war, or disaster.

Canada's Government

Canada is a Constitutional Monarchy. Meaning it is lead by a king or a queen. The Canadian government consists of legislative and judicial branches.

Prime Minister

Canada's prime minister is Stephen Harper. He runs the executive branch within the legislature.

Canada's Economy and Industry

Canada is rich in natural resources. A nation' s resources are a source of wealth. Much of Canada is covered in forests, making the timber industry important. Also, almost 80% of Canada's raw materials are shipped as exports. Most of the imports brought in to

Canada are from the United States.

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