Imaging lens
The centerpiece of any camera is its lens. Usually made from glass or clear plastic, the lens receives light from a scene and focuses it to form an image. Bigshot's lens is actually a series of glass and plastic pieces that are encased in a holder.

Power Generator
Batteries power all digital cameras in the market ,and Bigshot is no different . Unlike all other cameras , bigshot comes with manual power generator that let's take photos even when the battery runs out charge. The dynamo is a similar generator to those we use at home. When the user turns the hand crank ,the dynamo converts the mechanical energy of the rotation into electrical energy. In order for the dynamo to generate enough energy for bigshot camera to take a photo, the crank must be spun at 1000 's of rotations per minute. Turning the crank with your hand at that speed is impossible. Therefore , instead of connecting the crank to the dynamo,the camera uses a gearbox in between.
LED Flash
Pictures taken in the dark tend to be dim. While taking a photo , if the camera senses that the scene is dark,it flashes a light right before recording a photo. Most cameras use Xenon bulb for a flash, bigshot uses Light Emitting Diode(LED). Even though LED as bright as Xenon bulb,LEDs are smaller ,last longer , require less power and are efficient.
Bigshot uses mechanical components to generate power, optical components to make an image, and a display to show captured photos to the user. Bigshots key components can be divided into three groups: Photo capture components,User interference components and the Camera controller.