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Week Commencing- 15th June 2015

Headteacher's Blog

Sometimes, however well we are taught, we simply do not grasp an idea first time. Whilst some students are prepared to ask for help we know that others will struggle without telling anyone. We have purchased GCSEpod to help with this. As students work through their course they can use GCSEpod to check their understanding and if they wish get ahead with their learning. We know a lot of Year 9 and 10 students are already using the podcasts to support the learning they do in the classroom. As parents please encourage your son or daughter to utilise this resource you may find it helpful to listen to a podcast with your son or daughter. Personally I have been impressed with the resources for French as they give the students the opportunity to listen again and again to the way in which words are pronounced. Mrs Clemett, Head of MFL, and I have set all Year 9 a MFL GCSEpod homework so that you can see it in action. If your son or daughter cannot log on please ask them to speak to their form tutor. 23,000 podcasts have been downloaded by students over the last 3 months - averaging over 28 podcasts per student.

One of our highlights this week was the Art show which you will see detailed below. I would like to offer my personal congratulations to the students involved, some of who received recognition at a regional and district level.

As you will see below, students have been involved in a wide range of activities during the week travelling to Liverpool to visit Art Galleries and to a whole host of other schools for our sports fixtures. My thanks for the teachers who have supported these events.

A couple of weeks ago one of our readers suggested that we used Round up to allow our school community to get to know our staff a little better. They felt this may be particularly helpful for students as they move to Thomas Alleyne's and also when students move into sixth form. Mrs Dodd has kindly offered to start us off with our staff interview and we will be including this as a regular item including interviews with both teaching and support staff.

With regards to sixth form, we would like you to be aware that we do still have places in our sixth form for next year. Unfortunately a number of schools nationally are no longer able to offer sixth form provision at their schools. We are fortunate that our sixth form is of a good size and has been judged as good by Ofsted. If you do know anyone looking for a place in a sixth form, which is part of a school, please ask them to contact our sixth form team to discuss possibilities.

Year 13 BTEC Work

The Year 13 BTEC Extended Diploma in Health & Social Care students have been displaying the work they have completed over the last 2 years of their course. They have each completed 18 units in a variety of subjects including psychology, sociology, anatomy and physiology and communication. Alongside this, they have each completed over 400 hours of work experience in a variety of care settings within our community such as Burton Hospital, Cheeky Monkeys Day Nursery, Midway Academy, Balance Street Pharmacy, Happy Hours Day Nursery, Sunbeams Preschool, The Hermitage Care Home and many others. The students have been very successful again this year with many of them achieving the very top grades of triple Distinction* and securing places at university to study Primary Education, Nursing, Psychology or they are entering the world of work with a substantial amount of experience.

Parent Workshop

e-Safety Parent Workshop invitation – Cyber Bullying

Thursday, 25th June 2015, 7.00pm - Thomas Alleyne’s High School Theatre.

As part of our commitment to safeguarding our students and working with parents, the Uttoxeter pyramid have organised an e-safety workshop for parents. This particular workshop will focus on cyber bullying.

Young people use the internet for a variety of activities including games, research, homework and social networking. Whilst they are confident with the technology, students are not always able to make the right decisions about what they access, who they talk to and what they might post about themselves and others on the internet.

Although Thomas Alleyne’s teaches students e-safety as part of the curriculum, students need to be empowered to keep themselves safe. It is essential that parents are aware of the risks and what they can do to develop a culture of e-safety in the home as they have a vital role to play in helping to keep their child safe online. Advances in technologies move so quickly that parents often do not have the necessary skills to support their child either because they are not familiar with what their child is doing or because they do not have the technical knowledge to help protect or support them.

Some of the things we will cover include:

  • What is cyber bullying?
  • Advice on ICT management at home.
  • The potential risks and dangers of cyber bullying.
  • How to deal with, and stay safe from, cyber bullying.

The focus and content of the workshop is for an adult audience and therefore students, young children and babies will not be admitted.

Parents do not have to be ICT or computer literate to find this workshop useful – it is aimed at everyone. You do not need to have a computer at home to benefit from this workshop – e-safety applies to the safe use of technology at all times, even with tablets and mobile phones.

Further information on E-Safety can be found on the Think You Know Website.

Rotary Art Awards

REGIONAL ROTARY CLUB 'Young Photographer' WINNER in the individual Black and White College age group Category- Abi Hamnett.

We were also thrilled that a selection from year 12 Photography students made Thomas Alleyne's 'College Portfolio' WINNERS too!

Celebrations were held at the Ironbridge Museum. Well done to the art department for all their help and support and also to the students who make it all happen!

Follow these links for more images and watch the video of the student work below:

Applied Art Exhibition

This week saw all the hard work of our Applied Art Students being shown off in the annual exhibition. You can see their fantastic work in the video below and by following this link:

6th Form News

Please could all parents/caregivers be reminded that Year 12 students have now completed all examinations and are now embarking on their year 13 curriculum(s). All lessons have recommenced and students are expected to be in school from 8.40am until 3.05pm every day. Entry into year 13 in September is not automatic and students will have to demonstrate that they have met our strict criteria for continuation. If you require any more information please do not hesitate to contact the sixth form team at who would be happy to help.

Our annual Future Intentions Week commences on Monday the 29th of June and runs until Friday the 3rd of July. During this week all year 12 students are off timetable and will be presented with arrange of post-18 options and activities to help them make an informed decision about their future. To start the decision making process 140 Year 12 students and 5 members of staff attended the Higher Education Convention at Staffordshire University on Friday the 12th of June. The 6th Form students were fantastic role models for the school and they all remarked on how useful and informative the visit was.

We still have places available in our prestigious and high achieving Sixth Form. If you are thinking of applying or know someone who would be interested please contact Mrs Walton via the 6th form email address or on 01889 561820 to book a sixth form tour and to receive an application pack.

School Walk

A big thank you to all those students who have been busy collecting sponsor money for the School Walk 2015. Keep collecting and don't forget to bring your sponsor money in to school before the 26th June!  When you have handed your collected sponsor money in, to Mrs Malbon in the finance office or your form tutor, you should be given your Start Card. This is your official registration card and you cannot begin or complete the school walk without it. All along the route of the walk you will see lots of lovely people in very bright vests, pointing the way, encouraging you and in some places, sitting with large boards of registration sheets ready to tick your name off. Please make sure you register each and every time you get to a registration checkpoint. Thank you all again, keep collecting and don't forget your Start Cards!

Big thanks to Staff!!

At their meeting on Tuesday, the Teaching and Learning Committee of the school's governors heard about the impressive effort by students coming into school out-of-hours and in holidays to work on their revision. The Governors expressed their thanks to the teaching staff for their tremendous commitment in putting in so much work with students outside normal school hours, and also to the site staff who had gone out of their way to make these extra sessions possible for staff and students.

Year 11 Return Forms

Year 11 subject sign off forms must be returned to school by 3pm on Wednesday 17th June. Remember that completion of this form is a prerequisite for Leavers Day attendance.

Expressive Arts Show

On Monday evening family and friends of our Year 10 Expressive Arts class were invited to school to see some of their work so far. The evening was a mock exam for the girls, whose exam is on the 2nd July. The performances were fantastic and were extremely useful to the girls, as the audience gave feedback on what they saw.

The girls who took part were; Iona Barron, Ellie Carr, Jade Dyche, Kristi Epple, Mollie Fowell, Karris Gordon, Kyra Hall, Antonia Lee-Jones, Tash Oakden, Connie Thomas-Lacroix, Ellie Whiston and Laura Wilson.

Well done to all, Miss Quinn and Mrs Krause are looking forward to seeing the final performances.

Apprenticeship Opportunities

Derby College are holding an Apprenticeship Day on 24th June with over 100 jobs up for grabs. See the link below for further details.

Apprenticeship Opportunities in the NHS

The NHS are currently recruiting for  level 2 Health and Social Care Apprentices to Start in September. These apprenticeships are open to 16-24 year olds and offer valuable practical experience alongside a qualification for anybody wishing to pursue a career in care. The link to the advert for the job is below.

Languages Festival

The Languages festival is on Wednesday 24th June. We are welcoming 8 first schools to find out about Madagascar with a range of activities organised and presented by year 9 students.

Manahoana! - Hello in Malagasy

Meet the Teacher

In the first of our new feature lets find out more about Mrs Dodd.....

Click here

Year 12 Art Trip - Liverpool

Images below taken from the year 12 Art and Photography visit to Liverpool Tate and Walker Gallery. Students spent time photographing their paper sculptures amongst the city landscape, sketching architecture and artwork as well as gathering artist research for their year 13 illustrated essays / source books.

Science News

This week Mr Melland’s Year 9 classes have been studying asteroids and comets as part of their Physics P2 course ‘Living for the Future’. This coincides with ‘Meteorite Day’ on 30th June, which is helping to highlight the need for more research into possible future asteroid and comet impacts.

Year 9 students pictured with a piece of a 4.5 billion year old meteorite from the Barringer Crater in America

Make a note in your diary to look out for the Perseid Meteor Shower, peaking on August 11th. Tiny pieces of debris left over from the comet Swift-Tuttle can be seen as intense streaks of light in the night sky as they enter Earth’s atmosphere.

This week’s Science Students of the week selected by Miss Sims are:

Jess Allen and Kirsten Astbury in Year 10

This week’s Environmental Land Based Science Students of the Week selected by Mr Gilson are:

Molly Paulley and Alex Lings in Year 10.

Very well done to all.

News from Maths

Year 10 End of Year Maths Exams

Year 10 will be sitting a full past GCSE paper next week during their usual maths lessons. Students will complete the non-calculator paper over the first 2 lessons and then the calculator paper over the next 2 lessons.
Equipment needed for the exams are:

Black pen, pencil, ruler, protractor, compass and a scientific calculator

- all of this can be purchased from the maths department (maths sets are £1.20, Casio scientific calculators are £6.00.)

Detentions will be issued to students who don't bring all their equipment.

10 H population

Mon 22/06, P4

Wed 24/06 P3

Fri 26/06 P4

Mon 29/06 P2

10 U pop

Mon 22/06 P3

Tue 23/06 P3

Wed 24/06 P4

Fri 26/06 P1

Year 9 End of Year Maths Exams

Year 9 end of year maths exam will take place the week after next during their usual maths lessons. Students will complete a non-calculator paper in the first lesson and then a calculator paper in the second lesson. Both papers will comprise of past GCSE questions based on the topics they have studied this year.

Equipment needed for the exams are:Black pen, pencil, ruler, protractor, compass and a scientific calculator - all of this can be purchased from the maths department (maths sets are £1.20, Casio scientific calculators are £6.00.)  Detentions will be issued to students who don't bring all their equipment.

9 H population

Mon 29/06 P3

Wed 01/17 P1

9 U population

Mon 29/06 P5

Tue 30/06 P4

Sports News

Girls football

The Year 10 & 11 combined football competed in an epic final against Moorside on Monday night. The match was played at Sir Stanley Matthews Academy on a blistering hot afternoon. After almost scoring in the first minute with a shot from Alisha Hudson hitting the crossbar, Alleyne's soon went behind to a break away Moorside goal. The work ethic from our girls was extremely high but our passing game was quite poor. At half time the score was 3-0 to Moorside.Alleyne's started the second half with the mindset of making the ball do the work, The ball was played out to the wingers Tash Hall and Hannah Kiddle more and most of our attacks came from crosses. Rhiannon Kenny made plenty of lead runs up front and tired their defenders. Eventually Abbey Hodgkinson found some space in the box and converted a cross from Tash Hall to make it 3-1. Moments later a ball was played down the middle for Alisha Hudson, who let it bounce, then headed it past the keeper. These two quick goals saw Alleyne's grow in confidence and we were winning the ball in midfield through Vicky Brookes and Hannah Whittaker and keeping possession. This pressure saw us equalise through Abbey Hodgkinson. The defence of Antonia Lee-Jones, Emily Beech, Charlie Eley and goalkeeper Estelle Coyne were more solid second half but Moorside snuck another goal to retake the lead. Alleyne's did not give up and kept pressing for an equaliser and that came through a penalty with 5 minutes of normal time remaing, which Alisha Hudson smashed home.The game went into extra time, both teams were stuggling with cramp and tiredness and the game seemed to be heading for penalties. Unfortunately we gave away a free kick on the edge of the box with two minutes to go, which they scored to with the Staffordshire FA cup.

Girls Cricket

South Staffordshire Tournament winners. On Thursday the girls travelled to Dartmouth Cricket Club and played 3 fixtures against Oldbury, Wolverhampton and Sandwell Academy.The majority of girls have only started playing this year & have developed their batting & bowling skills greatly. The opening game saw us score 66 runs with Tash Hall, Alisha Hudson and Maisy Bettany dominate the batting. Every girl bar the wicket keeper had to bowl an over and in the Oldbury and Sandwell games we were able to bowl the opposition out before using up all of our overs. A huge congratulations to all the girls involved, the next round is at Penkridge cricket Club on Tuesday 23rd June.
Year 9 rounders team posted their first win of the season with a 15 1/2 - 9 victory over John Port. Alice Smith connected with the ball beautifully to score some rounders and a brilliant personal performance by Jess Poole who also scored. Hannah Williams took some great catches in the field to restrict John Port's scoring. Well done to all the girls involved.

Rounders fixtures next week:

Tuesday - Yr9 Vs John Taylor Home

Wednesday Yr 9 & 10 Vs DeFerrers

House Update

Year 10 Boys Cricket

1st Whitmore 4 House Trophy Points

2nd Torrance 3 House Trophy Points

3rd Orme 2 House Trophy Points

4th Elkes 1 House Trophy Point

Year 9 Rounders Girls

1st Orme 4 House Trophy Points

2nd Whitmore 3 House Trophy Points

3rd Torrance 2 House Trophy Points

4th Elkes 1 House Trophy Point

Well done to all competitors. Thanks to the PE staff.

Whitmore still lead the House Trophy Competition 2014/2015

After 25 competitions

1st Whitmore 85.5

2nd Torrance 78

3rd Elkes 70

4th Orme 66.5

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