Debate: should kids have p.e. Everyday

Credits: Scholastic and google images qalso

Do you think think kids should have P.E. everyday? Most healthy experts agree that kids should exercise at least 60 minutes a day so, that means you can play outside or just take a hike. Only half the kids in the u.s. actually exercise for that amount of time. So some people are saying that kids should have p.e. everyday for 60 minutes. Students should understand proper care for their body will help for their future and health.

Arielle's Opinion

Arielle: My opinion is Yes kids should have p.e. everyday because then kids can get rid of stress. I think kids stress out in other classes like math so if they run around they relieve stress. Plus they can stay in shape because some kids just go home eat a bag of chips and play a video game. Kids can also get obese.

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