My trip to China

Two years ago, I had the opportunity to go to China. It was one of my dreams since I was a child. Consequently, on November 2013 I was heading towards China for two weeks.

After ten hours of flight, I was so glad to land in China ! However, with seven hours of jet lag I didn't realise I was eventually in Beijing. We all had a Chinese correspondent, therefore we first went to their school to meet them.
The city's feature is that it's a modern city, but still attached to its history. In fact, the whole city is organised around the Forbidden City, it is one the monument you must make sure to put on your to do list if you go there ! In front of the Forbidden City, there is the Tian'An Men place (the one with the photo of Mao) and behind there is a beautiful park (that you can almost visit for free) with a scenery of the whole city.

This city's side is very traditional as a few subway stops away, the style is completely changing. For instance, there is the famous street Wang Fu Jin which you can relate to the French street "les Champs Elysées". Wang Fu Jin is full of shops, actually mostly of them are famous brands. Besides the modern style of it, you can still notice traditional streets in the background. If you go to Beijing, one of the most important thing to do is to eat the Peking duck, it's so delicious !

To me, you have to go out of the city to see the two most beautiful places of Beijing :
- The summer palace which is very colourful, it's amazing.
- The great wall : it's one of my favourite place, it's really impressive as it's very high !

The week after, we went to the South of the country. There's a three hours of flight from Beijing to Kunming (in Yunnan). And while the North is cold in November, the South is quite warm (about 25°C). We stayed over Kunming for a while. It is a modern city as it's the capital of the Yunnan province. In this city, you can visit the park which is splendid, the inner city which is a mix of modern and traditional architecture, the museum ...
After that we went to Dali, it is a tiny and very traditional city surrounded by mountains and a lake. Dali is a charming and calm city the day, and lively and vivid by night. In fact, the old centre is beautiful and full of little shops. Actually I preferred Dali because there are a lot of warm people, I've been able to talk to several people in the street ! There are also all sort of pleasant restaurants ! The two places I would recommend you to visit are : the Erhai lake with its islands, and the Dali's park with its palace and its three pagodas. There is also a catholic church with is pretty cute !

China is a stupendous country, I hope I could return over there one day because it was a wonderful travel !

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