Five-Point Checklist to Buy Health Insurance

Life is full of surprises, some of which may be beneficial to health or at times be malevolent. While the beneficial ones are responsible for bringing a smile on your face, the malevolent ones are potent enough to wipe it off. They may affect your health and force you to spend a substantial amount on health care and medical treatment.

To avoid the burden of unnecessary medical expenses that occur without warning, it is recommended to purchase a health insurance policy. There are numerous options available in the market, thus buyers are often confused about which policy will suit their health and medical needs. To avoid such conundrum of choice, we have created a five-point checklist to pick the best health insurance plan in the market.

1> Assess your Lifestyle and Health care needs

Are you living in the city, or enjoying the pleasant climate of the countryside? Do you toil hard outside or stick to your desk working? Does your job involves the high level of stress? These are a few questions that you are required to ask while assessing your lifestyle. Depending on your lifestyle, you will be able assess the healthcare needs, and accordingly choose an appropriate health insurance plan.

2> Assess the Sum Insured amount

Assessing the right amount of sum insured is imperative while choosing a health insurance policy. Many buyers are not aware about the amount to insure because they have not assessed their healthcare needs. In such circumstances, it is recommended to take an assistance of insurance agents to zero down on the right amount.

3> Choosing Individual or Family Floater

If you are a single, working individual and your parents are already covered under a different health insurance plan, then opt for an individual plan. This will help you to save on premium. However, if you have started a family and are looking forward to secure their future, then it is recommended to purchase a family floater plan.

4> Check the Number of Network Hospitals

Before you opt for a plan, it is necessary to check the number of network hospitals covered by the insurer. Choose a plan which has access several network hospitals within your vicinity. This way you can seek emergency medical help easily, without having to wait or travel long distances.

5> Review the Policy Wordings

Before you shortlist any type of policy for purchase, it is recommended to review the policy document carefully. This way you will get a better idea of benefits, exclusions, and caps on different covers.