Alexander Graham Bell

One of History's greatest Inventors.

Alexander Graham Bell was the inventor of the telephone,photograph,talking doll,movie projector and a hundred different items I can't even name the list would be so long.He would always be perseverance how you ask? because how do you think he was able to make a thousand items just by using his mind.

Here we have Thomas Edison cooperating with Alexander Graham Bell to invent the telephone and present it to the people later they had the first telephone in a town.

Alexander Graham Bell's goal was to complete the invention of the telephone and share it with the mayor so he can install one in the town to see if it will be true to call someone from far away places.

Alexander Graham Bell was full of curiosity he always visualized creations in his head his biggest thought was indeed the telephone and the movie projector he just imagined what it would be like with his inventions.

Alexander Graham Bell gave it his effort to invent something that would the world for as long as we shall know his inventions have made a impact to the world.

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