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Andrew Sawyer - 9th American History

Top 10

-President Washington

(He was the United States first President)

-Washington's Farewell Address

(Wrote this at the end of his office so that the USA would stay on track.)

- War of 1812

(War between England and France but United States was in between)

- The Curse of Tippecanoe

(Tecumseh cursed all United States presidents that they would die in office)

- Industrial Revolution

(People started to move to city and work in factories)

- Monroe Doctrine

(A document that said the United states would not interfere with colonies in North America)

- Jackson as President

(Andrew Jackson became our 7th President and promised equal rights for everyone)

- The Trail of Tears

(17,000 Cherekee natives were moved to Oklahoma and traveled on the Trail of Tears)

- Manifest Destiny

(That the United States would go from sea to sea)

- Republic of Texas

(A document that said Texas was in depend from Mexico)


1789: George Washington became the first President

(He was the United States first President)

1798: Federalists passed the Alien and Sedition Acts

(Allowed president to put immigrants in prison or deport them)

1796: Washington's Farewell Address published

(Wrote this at the end of his office saying what he would do to keep USA on track.)

1803: Louisiana Purchase

(United States bought the Louisiana Territory for 15 million dollars)

1804: Lewis and Clark's expedition

(Lewis and Clark explored the Louisiana Territory)

1814: British Invaded Washington DC

(British invaded and Burned Washington DC)

1815: The Era of Good Feelings

(After the war of 1812 there was peace between United States and England)

1820: Missouri Compromise

(Henry Clay negotiated so that Missouri became a slave state and Maine became a free state)

1828: Jackson became president

(Andrew Jackson became president of the United states)

1838: The Trail of Tears

(17,000 Cherekee natives were moved to Oklahoma and traveled on the Trail of Tears)

1836: Texas forces led by Sam Houston defeated Santa Anna in a surprise attack

(Texas became separate from Mexico in a surprise attack)

1830: Joseph Smith founded Mormonism

(Joseph Smith created a new religion called Mormonism)

1846: Pilgrims traveled to Utah

(Pilgrims traveled on The Mormon Trail to Utah for religious freedom)


President Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson was our 3rd President. He was born on April 13, 1743 in Shadwell VA. During 1752 he went to a school run by a Scottish Presbyterian minister. During his teenage years went to the College of William and Mary that was located in Williamsburg. He ran in the election of 1800. He ran against John Adams. The election was a tie but the House of Representatives chose to have Jefferson as the winner. He was a part of the Democratic-Republican party. He followed the laissez-faire philosophy. The laissez-faire said let the people do as they choose. He believed that people should do their own thing and not need the government. Jefferson also thought that everyone should be educated. He also was one of the fifty-six signers of the Declaration of Independence. During 1807 he made and signed a law that did not allow people to import slaves. Though he did have slaves he said that it was very wrong on practical and moral grounds. He also knew a lot about science, art and politics. Thomas Jefferson also loved reading, had had over 10,000 books. Before He became president he founded the University of Virginia. He oversaw the the purchase of the “Louisiana Territory” from France. He married Martha Wayles. They had six children but only two survived through adulthood. In a letter to Benjamin Rush he said he was a Christian and raised his children in the same faith. Also Thomas won the AIA Gold Medal. Link

Natives in America


Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson was born on April 13 1743 thru July 4th 1826. Only a few days ago he died at the age of 83. He died of natural causes. He married math wayles and had five children. He was United States 3rd President also a statesman, planter, lawyer, and a architect. He loved reading and had a collection of over 10,000 but near death he sold them.



Heat one quart of new milk, but do not let it boil; add two teacupfuls of lard and three cupfuls the same size of sugar, either white or a light brown; when well melted, stir in one cupful of yeast and enough flour to form a thick sponge. Beat long and well, and when the mass seems light and full of bubbles stir into it the well-beaten yolk and white of one egg. When light, work well and let it rise again; then roll and cut into shape; boil in hot lard until brown. Link

By the Numbers

- 17,000 Cherokee Natives Removed

- 8th President was Martin Van Buren

- 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence

- 32 days later William Henry Harrison died

- 15 Million Dollars The United States spent on the Louisiana Territory

- 1 more vote than John Quincy Adams

- 300 American families made a colony with permission from Mexican government

- 12 Days of fighting between Texas and Mexico

- 180 American soldiers against Santa Anna's thousands

- 15 Million Dollars Mexico sold California and New Mexico to the United States

Map and Story

        The image above shows the rout that Cherokee Indians took on their way to New Echota. Andrew Jackson believed that Native American tribes should be moved to the frontier. Congress passed the Indian Removal Act in 1830 which would move them to a Indian Territory. At first Most Cherokee indians resisted and would not give their land up but finally in 1838 United States took force and removed them From Georgia with the Army. Over 17,000 Indians were moved from Oklahoma. They took a hard long trip on foot and horse and many natives died on the way. That is why it is called the Trail of Tears. Over 6000 people died of exposure, disease, and starvation. Before being removed the Choctaw lived in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama. Cherokee tried to protect their rights with legal means. But Americans continued to burn their towns and Steal livestock. George Gaines was in charge of removing the natives. He had three stages that began in 1831 through 1833. In oklahoma where they were moved they had temporary homes and much less land than where they were. One of the main reasons they wanted to remove them was because they was much gold in the south. So if the United States could have the land they could sell it to people and plenty of people would buy. Link Link 2


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