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Universidad Politécnica de Cd. Victoria
Teacher: Talia Joselyn Caballero Verdines
Ingrit Wondoline Sànchez Velàzquez.

Hello! My name`s Ingrit Wondoline Sànchez Velàzquez.I`m 17 years old. I live in the "Rincon de Tamatan", 802 Maria Del Carmen street,  Victory city Tamaulipas, Mexico. I have three years in Victory City, I lived in Township of Villagran, Tamaulipas Mexico.

I live with my family. My father is Mario and my mother is Yolanda. I have a sister, her name`s Mey and a brother, his name`s Edgar he is married his wife`s Eunice she have six month of pregnancy. My home number is: (835) 33- 730- 01, and cell phone number is: (821) 106 287

My family

I want to learn english

I want to learn english, because, it is an international language, and I want to chating with people who speak this language, and I want to work in an international company.

Thanks you for your attention!