Rube Goldberg Machine

Choosing my project (entry 1)


Q- What did you choose?

A- Rube Goldberg Machine.

Q- Why did you choose it?

A- Because it was the best thing in stem in my opinion and i want to go further with it.

Q-What do you want to learn?

A- I want to learn how you can make Rube Goldberg machines in a creative.

Q- Would you like to do this for a career?

A- No because I wouldnt want to go into engineering.

Intro Research (Planning) (Entry 2)

To plan this Rube Goldberg machine i watched a few videos, in the videos i got a few tips like vip lines. I also went on On the website I saw a few more machines and tips. After this we started drawing it out

Further Introduction Research (Entry 3)

I finished drawing my sketch of the machine and planned out what I needed to bring to build it.

Questions answered (Entry 4)

What did you do (Specifically)?- I started testing some of my ideas for the machine, like the zip line.

What questions did you answer about how to complete your project?

We answered questions on our process, our learning experience, and how were making the machine work.

What you are finding out while doing your project (Entry #5-6)

I'm finding out that it takes patiences and a lot of planning to make a good Rude Goldberg machine. I'm also learning that some of the stages we planned didn't work as well we thought so we need to make better stages that work better.

What SPECIAL terms (technical) do you need to know? (Entry 6 & 7)

Force- Strength or energy as an attribute or physical movement or action.

Motion- The action or process of moving or being moved.

Acceleration- Increase in the rate or speed of something.

New questions and Information (Entry 8)

What are ways we can make our Machine to make it work better? We think we can replace a stage are two with something that can work better then the one we have all ready. We think we should replace the lever and make something that is more accurate.

Technical Parts of Your Project (Entry 9)

Explain the nuts and bolts, the technical specific parts of your project

Pulley- The pulley is harder to set up then some of the other objects because it might not work efficiently the first time you set it up because the string isn't the best for what we are doing so we can make some adjustments to it to make it work better.

Tech Stuff, Part 2 (Entry 10)

Zip Line- For the zip line you have to get the string set up at a certain angle so the pulley doesn't get stuck anywhere along the way. You also have to make sure the pulley on the zip line is working correctly so it doesn't get stuck again.

What We Did Today (Entry 11)

Today we made a track and set up the zip line. We decided to move the zip line to an other side of the table so there would be less rolling in the machine, we also planned what we do at the end.

What we did today (Entry 12)

We built the zip line in the same place we did yesterday and we built the rolling stage. we also built the platform beside the rolling stage where the ball will get hit and then roll down the track, on to the next stage.

What we did Today (Entry 13)

We built the Zip Line and the rolling stage like we did Friday. We started to build the final stages but we think we might change them because they may not work the way we planned them to.

Whats Our Next Step? (Entry 14-15)

We have finished our Rube Goldberg Machine so we will be doing the rest of our project and record it working and post them. We have to change the stages to our Machine. First we got rid of our lever plan we had in the start. We moved the zip line so we can make the track shorter and we changed the end result

Did your project work? (Entry 16)

Did you get your machine to work the way you wanted to in the start?

My first machine plan didn't work the way I wanted to so we changed most of the stages in some way to make it work easier. the first stage (the zip line) got moved to another part of the table so we could do less rolling, which made the 3rd stage (rolling) much shorter and easier. The second stage was change a few times before we got the one we have now (Cups falling) and the final stage got changed for revealing a stage to pressing a button because it made it easier to built and to work better.


What did you learn about your project?

I learned a lot about building a machine that works in the right way. I also learned about how I can change some parts of a machine and make it work a lot better then it did before. I learned how to use a few tools that I never used before and that may help when doing other projects in the future.

How did your project turn out?

I think my project turned out well, everything worked at the end and it has all the things needed to get a good grade. We did a few things to the zip line to make it work really well each time with out getting it stuck and we changed a few things on the platform so the ball would be easier to get rolling down the track. We also changed the final stage to make it more exact and make it work more.

Do you wish you choice another project?

No I think this project was a good project to pick for this grade. It was fun to build in my opinion and we got to experiment with many things. Some of the other projects aren't as interactive as the rube goldberg machine.

Did this project make you want to pursue this subject more, like as a job or a hobby? Why or why not?

I liked working with the Rube Goldberg machines, but I wouldn't do anything like it for a job, I think I would just be better at something else. I would do it in the future as a hobby because it was fun experimenting with a few tools and other things, possibly in the future I can make one with more rolling and dominos, since the guidelines of this project didnt allow more then one rolling stage and no dominos.

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2 years ago

I love the science vocabulary that you used in entry 6 and 7! Great plans!