the ghost that will not leave my friends house

by Cameron Robinson

I just moved into a new house and i had a neighbor that had a ghost in hr house. So she had told me that the ghost as really scary. The next day i went to her house to see wat was happening and she told me could i help her get the ghost out her house. That night i stayed at her house to try to get the ghost out her house. Once i got there she had a ouija board so they could talk to the ghost. When we sat down we asked the ghost wat was the name and it said RUN then they burned the ouijia board. Now they calling ghost adventures ppl uk from that tv show to help them get this ghost out there house. Once the ghost adventures  git there they set up cameras just in case they where in a different room and some paranormal stuff start happening they could watch the video. Now the ghost adventures ppl  cut all the lights off. Then they had this thing where they could see the ghost and as they where walking throughout the house they heard a door from bed room slam BAM and the they went up stairs to see wat happened and nun was there. Come to find out the women made a deal with the devil so all the devil wanted was the girl so we made another deal that he could have the rest of her family but not her. So he took the rest of the family and left her alone and they lived happily ever after the end.

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