My Top 5 Apps

For a good laugh

1. Face Swap!

This app switches your face with the face of anther person for hilarious results.

Exhibit A:


MyTalkingPet takes whatever you record and makes your pet say it. The voices are hysterical. Unfortunately, it does not work well with darker pets, since the app make the talking mouth black.

3. Beard Salon

This one is on the weirder side but the animations of a beard being blown dried is worth even for a one time download then deletion.

4. Tap-and-Fart!

There has to be a fart app in this line up and this one doesn't "blow". Ha!

For the 4 year old inside of us all, this app is funny mostly because you can press the buttons quickly, making a remix of farts. The only down side of the app is that ads are placed so you "accidentally" bump them which interrupts your chorus. It's free so we'll let it slide.

5. VidRhythm

VidRhythm makes a music video by recording small chunks of visual and audio footage from each person (or you can make one by yourself) and then putting it all together to make a song. You pick a song, follow simple instructions to record and then pick your theme of your music video- like pictures of pugs with stars floating around etc. It is ridiculous in all the right ways.