Family as a unit.

Kids & Parents

Parenting is a challenge under the best circumstances, but when you kid and teen is misbehaving it can be frustrating. when the kid goal is attention they will generally clown around, minor mischief, like Forgetting, not doing chores, or expecting to be waited on. If there goal is power they will be disobeying, demanding and shouting, by being stubborn or ignoring you. If there goal is Revenge they will be rude, say hurtful things, and be violent.

In this video you can see how children misbehave and disrespect their elders. If she was to

This picture show  parents bonding and building a relationship with their kids by reading to them and spending time with them. This helps the kids gain knowledge and become bright young kids,  but also this helps the parents learn their child strength and weaknesses and what they like and dislike.

In this video the lady tells us how effective bonding can be even with a unborn child, and how that bond with your child can make you a better person and parent so you can have a good effective relationship with your family.

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