8MEH.2.2 Decision Making Scenario

Step 1: State the Situation

Marie wants to do basketball in high school next year but for her to do that she has to pass all her classes and she is passing all of them except Science. So she has to choose between science school or basketball camp.

Step 2: List the Options

She can either participate in a science school and pass her sideline or she can either go to a basketball camp she was offered to go to.

Step 3: Weigh the Possible Outcomes

If she do the good things like go to science school and pass science she will pass her science class she could just do basketball camp another time because your education is more important than sports but if she do the bad thing which is going to basketball camp and not going to science school then she will fail science and still wouldn't be able to play basketball in high school next year.

Step 4: Consider Values

She should go to science school so she can pass science she should think about education more before sports.

Step 5: Make a decision and act it.

If she go to science school she will be doing the good thing so therefore it will help her in her academics and in her health and sports.

Step 6: Evaluate the Decision

If she do the right thing she will succeed and accomplish both of her decisions.

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