Interview with Jeremiah Handley

Interview Questions:

1. Jeremiah, when you chose to avoid boarding the train, what caused you to make that decision?

"Well I figured that since my brother and I have come this far together and can't leave him, so I decided to go with him."

2. Jeremiah, looking back what is something in your life that you are proud or happy about?

"Something in my life that I am proud about is serving with my brother."

3. Jeremiah, what is one thing about your life you wish had been different?

"I wish that my mom would not be sick because it was hard for me to leave her when I decided to enlist with my brother. I wanted to make sure that she was getting the proper care she needed."

4. Jeremiah, was James one of the dead?

"When I retreated to a fort, I didn't see my brother. I was hoping that he was somewhere safe, but it turns out he was one of the dead. I was so sad that I lost him because he has always been there for me and he made me a stronger person."

Thank you Jeremiah for your time!

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