North America Exploration Proplosal

By Sammy Aridi

It is 1532 and I Bernard Rockstill have decided to explore for France.  I have come from the land of far away to explore for you my excellency.  (Number 1)

I have traveled from the far country of Egypt to serve you in my quest westward to North America.  (Number 2)

I have decided to come to your very rich county of France to fund my expedition.  I know that you are a very trusting king that has faith in me.(Number 3)

Your majesty King Francis I, you are the ultimate king for this funding because of your vast wealth and knowledge.  (Number 4)

Since you are in a very heavy war with the Romans, I will travel west to the unknown land to search your request for trunks and trunks of gold for you.  (Number 5)

I will look mainly for your needs but also look for natural resources.  For example, lumber, fresh water, and most importantly military solders.  (Number 6)

I have chosen lumber because this resource is growing scarce in this country, especially with the war going on.  (Number 7)

I have decided to go to the northeastern part of North America because it is the richest part of North America with lumber and other resources.  (Number 8)

I know you should send me off quickly because all of the other countries are trying to get to North America First.  Like your majesty, Spain and England.  Those grueling countries are filled with savages that are trying to take our loot and resources.  (Number 9)

I know your majesty that the other countries around here are looking for the same things as us.  I know this because just on my way over here I heard that England is dealing with a deadly disease that you need water to help cure it.  It is spreading rapidly throughout the country.  (Number 10)

I will handle conflict with these other pests by reasoning with them but tricking them at the same time to get what I want which I assume is the best thing to do so I don't start a war.  (Number 11)

I expect to run into sea monsters but I come prepared with many sacrifices, I expect to also come across some Natives but I have already learned their language to talk to them.  (Number 12)


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