Get Hired With These Top 10 Highest Paid Jobs in Singapore

There are few things each and every person will have in common, but there's one that stands out. After college and the luster of graduation has worn off, many people would like to be able to find a job they love and that pays well. Let's face it, while passion is something that is very skittish and can change from time to time, stability is a constant that people want to have in their life--and the way to do this is through a high-paying job.

While people are a bit discouraged by the current job market, the truth is, opportunities are limitless as long as you know where to look. It is definitely possible to find a job that both excites you and pays well, and you can rest easy knowing you do what you love while saving up for your future.

Here are some of the highest paid jobs in Singapore at the moment.

1. Accountants and Finance Employees--Definitely, managing the books well is a must for all companies, so the starting salary for these kinds of professionals are higher than most. The increase is also very high and chance for growth as well.

2. Hotel Managers- The hotel industry is booming and those who work in this sector will benefit from high compensation packages. These employees earn an average of SGD $30,000.

3. Private Bankers-Private bankers, hedge fund managers and the like are also highly paid and enjoy numerous benefits from their work.

4. Interior Designers- Whether they are residential interior designers or a commercial interior designer, there is now a better price on good design. People are willing to pay and interior designers get to showcase their creativity without going bankrupt.

5. Pilots- This is no secret: pilots are some of the most well-paid professionals because the high level of expertise required of their job merits it. They can earn a monthly salary of SGD $ 19,000.

6. Real Estate- While it is true that real estate professionals often work on commission, the commission still becomes hefty if one is a seasoned and effective real estate agent.

7. Legal Advisor- There is a stereotype that those who work in law get paid highly, and this is true for those working in the private sector.

8. Marketing Director- In the business of buying and selling, it is only right that those who help sell products effectively also get a taste of their efforts in the form of compensation.

9. Academic Advisor- Seasoned and experienced academicians can earn more than most.

10. PR Specialist- Maintaining the reputation of big companies and personalities is hard work! They have their work cut out for them.