I landed on planet Earth

Dear Mars,

         its me Merp. I just landed on earth and man is it cold. the only thing here is this white powdery stuff. I think they might be planing on cooking the planet! I hope they don't intend to for i just got here and there is so much to explore if there is anything out here.

oh my glerp i just meet the weirdest animals i think they may be the ones who are called houmens. i don't no yet though they seem super smart they taut me how to slide on my belly and catch fish with my mouth. they are tall and have black skin with a white belly. i wonder how they learn to live in these temperature. I just met the weirdest thing in the world. it has weird cloth stuff all over it and its skin is a whitish kind of color and they are pretty tall. i think they are one of the crazy dumb animal species that live on this planet. I think they might be a penguin.

well that's' all I found so far. I really miss you and i cant wait to show you the penguin home. it is screaming aliens aliens i think he might see some. Tell you more in 123,456,654,376,456,864,456,123,054,294 years.



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