All about Thomas    

Hello! My name is Thomas, I am 7 years old and i am in the first grade. My teachers name is Mrs. Cculen.  My birthday is on  March 24, 2008.     

What I like

I like logos, bonkers, video games, my favorite movie is Wall-E, my favorite food is pizza, my favorite specials is P.E, my favorite school subject is writing, my favorite teacher is Mrs.Ccullen. My favorite things to do in the summer is to play, stay up late, I like not going to school, swimming, playing with other friends, seeing family,  ridding my bike, and my favorite color is red.   

My friends

Carmine, Hoyt, Payge, Mason, Chase, Haze, Olivia, and Massie.

Books i like

Lego batman, Stellaluna, Pete the cat, too many toys, and No David!

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