Class Apps

Five Apps to use in the Classroom!
By: Nada Awwad

1.World Atlas -- From National Geographic. Excellent as a replacement for an atlas, and is very detailed.

Class Example: Can be used in class by students as a substitute for a traditional Atlas, its lights, easier to carry and available virtually anywhere!

2. CA Capitals -- A good quiz review of Canadian province/territory and capitals.

Class Example: Can be used to help students memorize Canadian Provinces and their capitals! Plus it is a game which makes it more enjoyable for younger children.

3. -- A dictionary app where you are able to check the definition of any word from your phone or tablet. The entire dictionary is on your phone, works offline, helps with translations, and even includes a "Word of the Day" feature to help you improve your vocabulary and pronunciation.

Class Example: The teacher could write a list of words on the board before each class and have the students find the definitions on their phones, the students could then either go up to the board and write the definition there or tweet it to the teacher.

4. Twitter -- Twitter is a social networking app that allows people to connect with each other all over the world, you can receive news reports in real time as well as follow your teacher! This app can be used as a communication tool between students and teachers.

Class Example: This app could be used in the classroom for things such as asking questions or answering them. Students can tweet their teacher questions during class, or  the teacher can tweet a question to which the students have to provide an answer for. The teacher can then take a few minutes out of each class to check twitter and address the students questions or discuss their answers!

5. Pick a Student -- This app will help include everyone in a class discussion by randomly selecting a students name from the class list.

Class Example: The teacher would create a class list and then during a class discussion place the phone under the ELMO document camera, press the button and let the class see who is randomly selected!

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