Outfit Layout Ideas

I chose this layout because of its clarity and simplicity. The grey background exudes a warmth that allows the viewer to take in the intended layed back feel of the clothing as well as allowing them to easily create multiple outfit ideas. Although there are multiple items on display, their placement is conducive to a clean and organized look. The grey background is also an alternative to the use of the stark white background that is commonly used.

In addition to a top, a bottom and a pair of shoes; socks, a bag and all of its contents are layed out to assist in capturing a complete look. The above layout puts a spin on what would have been a typical outfit post and creates a more in depth image of what one can do with any of the above items.

Outfit ideas stem from the full body outfit posts, a straight forward way to showcase ones outfit. To help steer away from the typical outfit posting, shots can be taken of the individual clothing items  and accessories to accompany the full body shot. This can be beneficial to outfits that seem plain and simple, but with a closer look, the beauty and detail of the individual pieces are captured.

Wherever one can buy clothing, a mirror is guaranteed to be nearby and hanging clothing from one is a clever way of utilizing them.  The mirrors are used as props and bring attention to the clothing as one is drawn in by the inventive way in which they are used to showcase an outfit. 

The above layout proves that a  pop of colour can compliment an already busy ensemble. The periwinkle background helps draw ones eyes to the outfit as a whole as opposed to focusing on the individual pieces which make very bold statements on their own. 

A stark white background allows the items on display to jump out at you.  You're forced to take in each item individually as the background acts as a highlighter for the clothing. This layout can prove to be effective when showcasing items that are subdued and understated.

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