Jewish Facts

עובדות יהודיות

There symbol is the Star of David.
There temple was destroyed twice.
Soloman built the first temple for the jews.
Hanukkah is celebrated 8 days straight.
The reason for the 8 days was the limited supply of oil to burn the candles lasted just enough for 8 days.
Jesus was a jew that grew up in Palestine.
Hebrew writing of the word Hanukkah is (ש"ע) חנוכה (החג).
Many jews live in Israel & called Israelites.
In 1741 B.C.E. Abraham began his long journey from haran to canaan.
Judaism is one of the oldest religions that is still existing today.
In todays times 14 million present them self as Jewish.
Timeline - 2100 B.C. - 800 B.C.
2166 B.C. Abraham is born.
2091. B.C. Abraham travels to Canaan
2066 B.C. Isaac is born.
2006 B.C. Jacob & Esau are born.
1929 B.C. Jacob flees to Haran
1915 B.C. Joseph is born.
1898 B.C. Joseph sold into slavery.
1885 B.C. Joseph rules Egypt
1876 B.C. Jacob moves to Egypt
1805 B.C. Joseph dies.
1526 B.C. Moses is born
1446 B.C. Exodus
1445 B.C. The second passover
1445 B.C. 10 Commandments given
1443 B.C. Israel refuses to enter Canaan
1406 B.C. Moses dies.
1367-1327 B.C. Othniel rules as judge
1316- 1236 B.C. Ehud saved the Israelites from the moabites .
1209 B.C. Deborah defeated the canaannites.
1162 B.C. Gideon defeated the midiannites
1105 B.C. The prophet Samuel was born.
1078- 1072 B.C. Jephhah the judge defeated the Ammonites.
1050 B.C. Saul became king
1010 B.C. Saul and his son jonathan where killed in battle with the Philistines.
1010 - 1003 B.C. David was king of Judah
1003 B.C. David became king of all Israel
970-930 B.C. Soloman was king of Israel
1874- 853 B.C. Ahab ruled the kingdom of Israel
841-814 B.C. Jehu ruled Israel
800 B.C. The Assyrians came a threat to Israel

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