career research project

weapons engineer
Arthur Atwell

Necessary Job Skills

- advanced math skill

-problem solving skills

-paying attention to details

-preform under high pressure situations

Educational req.

on the job training or college

-4 year math

-2 sience

- 4 year lang

- engineering degree Bachelor's or above  

- computer tech. 2 years

Augustana college

it is a medium sized campus very close home and isn't very expensive.  I have always heard of Augustana sports from my coachs and that is one reason i was interseted in this campus it has a great track team and great coaches on there sports teams it has great location not far from the mississippi and other great far traction like movie theaters it is moderatly priced so it is easier to pay for than other schools of the same size

" something worked for mean more to you than something you didn't work for " Don Fredericks   this means a lot to me because  I have had to work for a lot in my life pole vault my car and my grades but if something is given to me i don't feel like i have earned it  and earning something is important to me even I have to work for it

A role model in my life is Alex Plats he was a senior the year I was a freshmen and he holds our school record in pole vault and i have always looked up to him in pole vault because i wanted to break his record that he set and that is a been my goal for a year and a half he also went to college for a pole vault scholarship  he was an all around good guy was never in trouble and was involved in a many things in school  he has influnced many people lives in school by the way he acted he has influnced my life a lot by convincing me to try pole vault and to stick with it even when it was hard   he always triees to help when he can even when he is at college he still tries to help  he is a great role model .

Ccombat engineers a branch of weapon engineering have many jobs they must complete and a very important unit in the millitary  " The ability to quickly create a functioning supply route has been a tool for success during many combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan." (By Cpl. John M. McCall | 4th Marine Logistics Group) they are means of victory or deafet the work all the time to improve there skills and effectiveness it an important postion in the millitary

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