Trends to Follow in Teaching Business at Top Business Schools - 2 part

Now, we continue!

3. Globalization. In the environment of international business, it is getting more and more important to be able to work in unpredictable conditions and understand other cultures. Leading business schools achieve this by involving foreign trainers and international students and also by sending their own students to campuses in other countries. In the long run, it makes them more adaptable and more efficient in any kind of environment.

4. Creativity. Business is not only about numbers, it is also about ideas that one should produce on a regular basis to keep afloat. Although some people are born with it, others are not and thus require additional training in this area. It is possible (but not easy) to boost creativity, and business students need it no less than art students. (more:

All in all, business schools are now putting more emphasis on developing a new generation of leaders that will be efficient under any circumstances. Alas, although ideas have been developed, they are adopted only partly, and there are plenty of schools that still use the same textbooks and programs as they were using 20 years before. Perhaps one should also specify another quality formulated like ‘permanent self-evaluation and self-improvement’ that schools should develop if they want to be of real use for their students.

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