Wholesale Florist

Job Description: Wholesale Florist are running the business and  Needs to have the right accounting skills. Wholesale florist use Many of the skills that retail florist use. Wholesale florist Need to buy the flowers,accessories and Floral supplies and often travel to inspect Product before purchase if they buy from a different supplier.  The wholesale florist  Arranges Flowers in displays That can be sold to retailers As soon as delivery occurs They also need knowledge on Properly cutting the flowers and creativity. They need to properly store the flowers And make sure the storage is serviced and repaired On a periodic basis, take inventory, Work closely with the Marketing department for advertising, and Make sure the flowers are packaged properly.
Job salary: Annual salary of $24,950
education needed: a four year horticulture degree
Skills needed: know how to cut the flowers properly,storing the flowers,advertisement, How to take inventory, Packaging the flowers, Purchasing the flowers from a different gardeners, and creativity.
tools needed:  Low temp. Hot glue gun, stainless steel clad pin frogs EZP, diamond line floral knife, deluxe pruning shears.
Hours needed: Regular business hours plus Travel
sources: http://www.wholesaleflowersandsupplies.com/store/deluxe-pruning-shear.html

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